Fascism Stew and the DNC Email Hack


Guest Post by Maxine Nodel

Fascism Stew and the DNC Email Hack


The main ingredient of fascism stew is brainwashing. One of the leaders of the Nazi party, Hermann Goering said, “it is always a simple matter to drag the people along… That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

In this regard, Donald Trump began the way Hitler did when Hitler promised to make Germany great again. Trump states that he promises to make ‘America Great Again’ by targeting Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, women, and the LGBTQ community.  Sadly, it appears that many Trump supporters understand this as code for bringing America back to the pre-civil rights era of the 1950s- when television programs were homogeneous, insular white families with submissive wives and dutiful mothers, and the KKK was lynching black people in the dead of southern night.


And in this stew, Trump is cooking with visceral racism and fear, especially after recent terrorist attacks, convincing his supporters (mostly white/right-wing Christian/working class males) that their entire way of life is being threatened by the global Muslim community (even though more Americans are killed by guns than by foreign terrorism). Of course he also suggests that their way of life is also being threatened by Mexicans, blacks, women who want control of their own bodies, gay married couples, and transgender people (who simply wish to use the bathroom). 

But now there’s another ingredient for fascism stew, the thousands of Bernie or Bust supporters whom, at the time that this is being written, unequivocally refuse to vote for Hillary- especially in light of the email hacks.  Prior to this shocking event, many Bernie supporters were beginning to slowly come around to following Bernie’s lead of supporting and voting for Hillary in a unified attempt to prevent fascism- from preventing a Trump presidency. Thanks to the disgraceful behavior of DNC committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, most of the Bernie support for Hillary has evaporated into a roaring betrayal plasma of anger against the DNC, Hillary and even Bernie.

Although Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the primary contributor of this bombshell monkey wrench, there may be lurking a last ingredient of our fascist stew in the global periphery and that is responsible for the hack – Vladimir Putin. If the FBI confirms that Putin was behind the hack designed to serve as a strategic subterfuge during the democratic convention for the purpose of getting Trump elected, then this final ingredient may result in our country electing a fascist leader. If this is the case, then Putin will have been very successful in taking control of the United States by proxy of an inept leader who is easily manipulated.

With Putin on the periphery of this suspiciously eerie email hack right at the beginning of the democratic convention, our country finds itself on the cusp of developing into a fascist nation. Our new nation may be led by an apparent sociopath narcissist with an insatiable appetite for absolute power.

The rise of Trump would be the result of the perfect mix of sociological ingredients that could destroy democracy and the potential lives of millions. We could become an evolved police state, the likes of which this nation has never seen before, as well as suffer the possible abolition of:

  • essential human services for the working poor and poor
  • attainable healthcare
  • women’s rights and reproductive services
  • social security benefits including Medicare
  • unions and pensions
  • the appointment of extremely conservative Supreme Court justices who could ultimately destroy our fundamental human rights through a Christian-inspired reconstruction and interpretation of the Constitution.

The ingredients of fascist stew: 1) Many of Trump’s very own ‘Brownshirt’ supporters, 2) Putin’s possible involvement in attempting to manipulate the election, and 3) the justified, yet, uncompromising furious Bernie supporters may, collectively, cause the end our democracy as we know it.     

I hope the irate Bernie or Bust supporters don’t make a critical error by allowing their anger to prevent them from seeing the overwhelming elephant in the room, looming fascism.  I hope that they don’t become a paradox- being social democrats about the people but then instrumental in helping to elect someone who will destroy the people and all that Bernie and they worked so terribly hard for! We need their solutions and to keep pushing the democratic platform to the left for the betterment of our nation, home to all creeds.




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