The United Failure of America


The United Failure of America

by Don P. Hooper / @madclownétry

there I sat
watching the map bleed red
with the hatred that would
wash away decades of progress:
the failure of the blues who couldn’t
get past the Burn in their hearts
by not casting a vote
indirectly supporting the rise
of a narcissist dictator
who promotes a culture of rape,
the putrid strength of a population
that festers in a United front of
religious bigotry
and the undying need to have a gun;
I saw the white androcentric fires brew
the freedom of choice robbed
marriages that would never be
people who would be frisked and shot
just for being

And I was numb

alone in a world that had abandoned the word:
and embraced xenophobia

alone in a united mausoleum that perniciously endorses
social and economic stratification
incarceration for the sake profit
patriarchy and systemic classism as a rule
solely for the benefit of a one percent
that you foolishly believe will
meritoriously hand you back
what you should already have;

I punched the wall ‘til my ashy knuckles matched
the color of your vote
my eyes teared with the misplaced trust I put in you
with the knowledge of
every human freedom that would be stolen
irrevocably returning to
an antebellum culture that never progressed from the Civil War
a society that still doesn’t understand that feminism
benefits us all
a country, that by its vote,
has marginalized women
in favor of a party with supremacist support

and still you remain dormant in your silence
still you choose to condone the atrocities of the past
demarcate yourself from wrongdoing
absolve yourself, blessed in the criminal waters of inaction
because you want to hold onto the privilege of ignorance
and choose Privileged Hate over love
leaving the country to rest on the precipice
of Roman demise
a fossil
a failure
to be studied by generations who will look back
and ask why?

the exigency of change will come,
though you think your privilege unassailable,
withered and beaten it will learn
the when, I do not know.

Don P. Hooper / @madclownétry
November 9, 2016



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Photo by Bruce Armstrong