12 Things You NEED to KNOW About Private Prisons, Your Taxes & Your Community



Private Prisons are big industry in America.   Think about that.  In our nation, we no longer lead the world in manufacturing or scientific endeavors or education.  But no country comes close to our incarceration levels.  

Your tax dollars have been funding Private Corporations, such as Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group Inc., and Management and Training Corporation. Those tax dollars have been making big profits for the stockholders in those corporations.  And millions of families are destroyed by the policies that these corporations have lobbied for.


But that is about to change. Read about what the Obama administration just did to end this ugly cycle here:   




  1. At some point in the last 30 years, the military went from taking thugs and making humans to taking kids with perfect records in life and high school and dumping the thugs in prisons. When they are released from prison, they are not hireable.

    In the graph above in #7 the spike begins just before the 80’s. We start taking the 16-25 junior thugs and creating proper grown up thugs.

    As a kid, you got caught doing something wrong, your school record sucked, and the judge said “you are sentenced to 5 years, army or jail. Your pick.”

    What happened to this option?
    i am proud that the kids I know that didn’t want to go to university choose and thrive in our military.
    Sad that the one with bad grades is living a rough life. He has no where to go.

    Phred -SJSU

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