Celebrating Political Activism – Installment 1




Ever feel defeated by power structures, or political or social institutions, but think that you can’t make a difference? You can!

#BlackLivesMatter was started by a small group of angry women. And it grew into a national movement.  But not everybody is going to start a national movement.  Maybe you just want to focus on one little issue (or one big issue) that you can really change.

Sometimes all it takes is the decision to act. And sometimes your actions can make a real difference.

This series will celebrate some of the important victories and struggles that are not making national headlines.  Here are the first three:


Students Successfully Petition the Library of Congress to Remove the Term “Illegal Aliens” from its Cataloging System

A group of students, many of whom are undocumented, successfully petitioned the Library of Congress to remove the derogatory term “illegal aliens” with more accurate terms, such as “noncitizens” and “unauthorized Immigrants.” This decision will have an impact on public and university libraries across the country who use the Library of Congress system to catalog their collection.

Read about the group’s victory here:



Advocacy Groups Gain National Attention in Battle to Stop Mass Deportation of South Asian Asylum Seekers

A network of advocacy groups have taken on the Department of Homeland Security and challenged Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene in the scheduled mass deportation of up to 500 South Asian immigrants, many of whom are political minorities from Bangladesh, where members of their party are facing execution. You can read justnomore.com’s coverage of the situation here:  https://justnomore.com/news/deported2death/ . Please read the comments section for information on current actions you can take to support the group.  Or follow them on Twitter #deported2death


Periods for Pence: Women Keep Indiana Governor Updated on their Menstrual Cycles

A group calling itself Periods for Pence has started trolling the office of Indiana Governor Michael Pence. Last week the Governor signed H3A 1337, a bill restricting women’s abilities to make decisions about their own bodies. The women decided that if the Governor is really that interested in their reproductive health, then they should keep him updated. Go visit their new Facebook Page. Or follow them on Twitter, @periodsforpence . Trust me. You will laugh.


Do you know of some great political activism going on that is not making the news? Let us know in the comment section!


Photo by Bruce Armstrong



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