Did “Lesbian Moms” Infiltrate New Disney Pixar Film? Social Media Explodes.


 Are you tired of hearing right wing bigots spouting irrational arguments about how our children are in danger when transpeople urinate?  

No worries.  We may have a fresh set of irrational arguments to listen to.  This time,  the perpetrator may be Disney-Pixar.   

A newly released trailer for the upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo includes a 3 second clip of two women, (one of whom has SHORT HAIR!) in the company of a toddler and a stroller.   Clearly the “gay agenda” has successfully infiltrated the once-beloved children’s animation industry. 

In all fairness,  if I had been a witness to the scene,  and had been asked to tell the police or the press exactly what I saw in those 3 seconds,  I would probably have started out by describing “a family” on an outing in the park.  

Were these in fact, two moms in custody of a baby?  In an animated Disney Pixar film? Maybe. They could be sisters. Friends.  Total strangers who just happened to be next to each other in the park when a group of out-of-water sea creatures bumped into the toddler’s stroller.   But they did sort of look like a family.   

Well,  social media exploded yesterday, and lots of nut jobs came out of the woodwork.   This three second glimpse of two women  (one of whom has short hair!), has quickly caused many god-fearing folks to burn their Disney membership cards and promise to boycott the film, which they claim “features lesbians. “

Here are some rants from Facebook yesterday. 




I’m sure Jesus would embrace Kylee’s warm sentiments, articulated below: 

You can understand Robin’s concerns, below.  I mean, how would you debrief the children after the movie if they had witnessed this scene? 


Oh.  Did I neglect to mention that “sodomite” Ellen DeGeneres will be continuing in her role as the voice of Dory?   

Ready to see the shocking 3 seconds for yourself?  The scene in question starts at about the 1 minute point. 



I  honestly don’t know if Disney has inserted a two-mom family into this film or not.  I don’t know whether these are featured characters, or if the footage in this trailer is all we are going to see of these folks.  I don’t know.   You don’t know.   And the right wing nut jobs don’t know either.   Maybe Disney has made a decision to reflect the reality of diverse families all over this country and all over the world. Maybe they haven’t.  

But a segment of our society is obsessed with a witch hunt.  They imagine some sort of nefarious “gay agenda” hidden behind every corner.  And every bathroom stall.  They imagine “dangerous messages” being transmitted to their children in Disney-Pixar movies. 

And we as a nation seriously considering strategies to protect the “religious freedom” of these hate-filled people?  Are we actually debating whether laws should be put into place to placate people who suffer from this kind of psychosis?   This absurd national dialogue needs to stop.  





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