Economic Terrorism


So a Republican Senator has introduced legislation that would allow protesters to be charged with “Economic Terrorism.” Protestors could face up to five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both. (See a link to the article at the end of this piece)

Economic terrorism.  Wow.

Take a moment to think about the protests and marches in our nation’s history, and how they changed the fabric of our society. The civil rights movement. Stonewall. The marches against the war in Vietnam. There is going to be a lot of dissent in the era of Trump. And his supporters are being proactive, and considering strategies to prevent our voices from being heard.

Have you read the March Series by John Lewis?


These graphic novels belong on every family’s bookshelf.


But I keep thinking about the term, “economic terrorism.” 

And the more I think about it, the more I think I would like to charge the Trump administration with economic terrorism against the city of NYC.

It is costing taxpayers $1-$2 million per day to protect him and his family. That is money that could feed hungry families. Repair our decaying infrastructure. Reduce overcrowding in schools. Fund community centers and libraries and after school programs.

But that is not the only economic impact his impending presidency is having on our city.

His residence is on an island and whenever he and his entourage leave, bridges and tunnels are closed for hours, costing residents millions in lost revenue.  On a recent Friday afternoon, his trip to NJ closed the Lincoln Tunnel (in both directions) on Friday at rush hour. Many people were hoping to head home after a long work week. But in our 24-hour city, the impact was more than just inconvenient. Hourly wage workers couldn’t get to work. Parents couldn’t get to the daycare centers to pick up their kids. Students couldn’t get to the classes they paid to attend. Pregnant women couldn’t even get to their hospital of choice to give birth. 

In addition to the problems associated with having the president elect physically in our city, we have the problems associated with his angry rhetoric and racist outbursts. Many of his followers have taken his words literally. The NYPD has been forced to divert resources into the hate crimes division as a result of a recent spike in violent assaults, primarily against people of color and Muslim New Yorkers.  But also against LGBT New Yorkers.

In addition to violent crimes, vandalism has increased exponentially, with swastikas and hail Trump messages appearing in public parks, places of worship, and private residences.

Of course there are also, those businesses which have the misfortune of being located near Trump Towers, are now inaccessible to the foot traffic on which they depend.

He may deport up to half a million New Yorkers. Up to 10% of our workforce. Leave thousands of children without one or both parents. Decimate neighborhoods like mine, in which the undocumented residents are contributing of the community. Taxpayers, footing the bill for the mess Trump has created.

(Didn’t know that the undocumented pay taxes? Read this article  )

Here in NYC, we didn’t vote for Trump. 82% of us voted against him. 

We have to live with his presidency. But we really don’t want to live with him.

And we sure as hell should not be responsible for footing the bill to clean up his mess.

Of course if his followers have their way, we may not even be able to voice our displeasure.   


Civil Disobedience.  

An American tradition.


  1. How ironic, how very un-American, considering that one of the first actions of the American Revolution was an act of economic terrorism, aka the Boston tea party.

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