Government shutdown: Who is really to blame?


Government shutdown: Who is really to blame?

About 48 hours into the government shutdown,  Senate leader Mitch McConnell took the stage, and made a pledge. He promised that if Democrats fall into line, he will allow legislation on the issues important to them.


All he wants, is a YES vote on a continuing resolution that will keep the Federal Government open for three more weeks. Because he believes that in spite of the legislature’s inability to come up with a spending plan, (that was supposed to be passed three and a half months ago), these three weeks are going to make a difference.


Democrats want protections for DACA recipients.  Trump wants to include spending to pay for his Wall. For US taxpayers to pay for his Wall. Not Mexico.  You and me.

Are Democrats being Unreasonable?

But McConnell made a pledge. In good faith. And if Democrats are just willing to compromise,  the government can run. Soldiers will get paid, Federal Park employees can go back to work, the CDC can keep tracking the deadly flu that is crossing the country.


A government shutdown is bad. McConnell made a pledge.  Shouldn’t the Democrats just compromise? For the good of the nation?

McConnell’s Most Recent Pledge

Back in December 2017, he promised Republican Senator Susan Collins,  that if she cast the deciding vote in favor of the Republican tax plan, he would give her something that she wanted. She wanted to ensure that there was legislation protecting Medicaid from cuts, and ensuring that subsidies to insurance companies would offset the anticipated 10% premium increase which would be caused by the elimination of the mandate in the tax bill.


McConnell promised his Republican colleague that this legislation would happen before the end of 2017. Collins described the agreement as “ironclad. “


But it didn’t happen.


So if McConnell can so easily renege on a promise to a member of his own party, how much weight does his promise to the Democrats carry?


But what about the Military?

Facebook memes and talking heads on TV news shows proclaim that the Democrats are putting the interests of undocumented immigrants above the interests of the US military. But oddly, McConnell “objected” to a resolution,  introduced by Democratic Senator McCaskill’s to protect military pay during a shutdown.




This was the first day of the shutdown.

Tell me. Who has our citizens’ best interests in their hearts?


A government shutdown sucks. Lots of us won’t even notice it. But for some of us, a shutdown is devastating.

Three Facts to Remember

As the blame-game progresses, remember these facts.


Remember McConnell’s broken pledge to Republican Senator Susan Collins.


Remember McConnell’s objection to protecting funding for members of the military.


And remember that Trump has pledged that he will not provide protection to DACA recipients unless Congress finds a way to make YOU pay for his wall.