How to steal an election. A primer from 2000.


There were dirty politics, of course. We have always had dirty politics. And an unusually strong third party challenger. But there was more.

It was a perfect storm. And a complacent electorate just sheltered in place until it was over. 

The year was 2000. It was a different era. There were no loud, passionate social movements screaming for change. The economy was pretty good. It has been almost a decade since the Cold War had ended. The first World Trade Center bombing had been 7 years before. A historical footnote that no one fretted about. Home ownership was at an all time high and unemployment was low.  

Most of us were sleepwalking through our pleasant lives.


Sixteen years later, candidate Donald Trump says he will keep us “in suspense” as to whether or not he will accept the results of the 2016 presidential  election.  His pundits have been pointing to Al Gore in 2000, who did not concede for weeks. 

It seems that we as a nation are suffering through collective amnesia about what really happened in 2000.  

Here are the simple facts.