Sorry Trump voters. You’ve been duped.


He’s not going to “lock her up.”


He’s not going to build a literal WALL.


Clean the swamp?


Well, he’s not in the pockets of the lobbyists who have been setting the corporate agenda for decades. But he is surrounding himself with people who are. And they are excited about setting an agenda which will benefit the corporations and line their pockets. 


And then there is a new agenda that we know nothing about. He refuses to divest from his current businesses, and his kids will be managing them and advising him on foreign policy.  


In other words, our international relations will be driven, not by your interests, not by America’s interests, but by Trump’s interests.


Do you imagine that Trump’s interests and yours are the same? 


Let’s take a look at his recent phone conversation with President Macri of Argentina. Trump initially refused to take a congratulatory call from his old real estate adversary. Which in itself, is a pretty un-presidential thing to do. But his son in law talked with some of President Macri’s people, and finally, on November 14, the President elect and Ivanka held a 15 minute conversation with the Argentinean leader.


Within 24 hours of the conversation, the $100 million dollar Trump Towers project in Buenos Aires, which had been held up in red tape for years, was given the go ahead . 


Yup. He gets things done.  And you can take pride in the Trump brand the next time you are in Buenos Aires. 


You see, as President, he is going to keep doing what he is good at. And it has nothing to do with governance.  Nothing to do with you. 


Nothing to do with national security. He declined 12 of his first 14 National Security Briefings. You know.  Those meetings in which a president gets updates on what is going on around the world. Potential threats to our national security. Instead, he has delegated that out to VP elect Pence. 


Do you still think he is going to defeat ISIS if he can’t be bothered with updates about what they are doing?


He really has no original ideas. His job creation programs will probably end up being the same old trickle down voodoo that has failed for decades. 


In the meantime, Medicaid is on the chopping block.   Social Security, which you have been paying into your whole working life, will probably not be available to you under Paul Ryan’s leadership. Trump’s tax plans might benefit you if you are moderate to high income. Bit single parent households will pay MORE in taxes if he successfully eliminates the head of household, as he has promised. 


He has scaled back on the climate change denial nonsense. I suppose we should take comfort in that. But the fossil fuel lobby has gotten to him. In his on again off again interview with the New York Times, he rambled about the danger that windmills pose to little birds. No mention, however, of the impact of melting ice on thousands of species.  No comprehension of how coral reef bleaching will impact breathable air on planet earth. 


He is inexplicably in bed with Putin. And has alienated nations who have long been our friends, and pissed off our historic enemies, such as Iran, which has promised retaliation if we renege on our recent treaty. Do you really want to go to war with Iran? But he has made peace with Argentina. 


The financial markets didn’t collapse after the elections.  That is a good thing, right? Well, it depends. The powerful corporations and their investors, it seems, are happy with a Trump victory.  That means they expect to make profits under his leadership. That might be good for your 401k if you invest in money markets. Not so good if you were hoping for higher wages and more jobs on US soil.


You’ve been duped. 


And you don’t even know it yet.