Taco Trucks of Queens


And not just Taco Trucks!  

In the nation’s most ethnically diverse county, we have already been invaded by Taco Trucks.  And Halal Trucks.  And Momo Trucks.  And other random options for street food.  Food carts.  Little stands.

Great, cheap food. Entrepreneurial spirit.  Why wouldn’t you want them on you street corner? 

Please enjoy a photo tour of just a few of these eateries, as captured by Queens photographer, Bruce Armstrong.    

brucetacotruckcolorPlease note. Guayaquil is in Ecuador.


brucetacotrucknight2Momos!  It is an INTERNATIONAL invasion!


brucefootcartoThe weather is better in Mexico.

brucetacotruck1Mmmm.  Horchata!

brucetacotruckNOT3oHalal by day.

brucetacotruckNOT3nHalal hot dogs.

brucetacotrucknightHalal by night.  

brucetactrucksnowoHalal in the snow.


brucetacotruckNOToNot a truck.  Yet.

bruceicecreamoIce Cream on a spring day.



The last big wave of immigration brought us omnipresent pizza and pizza deliveries.  And life has never been the same.


Are you feeling hungry now?  How about ordering some food!

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Justnomore.com is honored to feature the work of Bruce Armstrong frequently.  

All of these photos are the property of Bruce Armstrong.