The 7 Train: Photos of America’s most diverse communities



Street photographer, Bruce Armstrong, has spent more than a decade photographing the metal, the movement, and the people of the majestic 7 train.

Traversing our nation’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse neighborhoods, the 7 train connects the borough of Queens with Manhattan. More than half a million people live within a short walk of the 7.

In honor the 7 train’s first hundred years of service, is proud to share this photo tour of the 7 train, and the people and the communities who depend on it.




Our kids grow up looking out the 7 train windows


We bring our toddlers in strollers.


And shuttle our kids back and forth to school.


Until they get big enough to commute on their own.


Inside the train we sit elbow to elbow with friends and strangers.


Sometimes we use our commute time to get some work done.


Sometimes we don’t.


We chat with our friends.


We steal some quality time with loved ones


We text.


And read.


And sometimes primp for work.


We nap. Because our days are long.


We get ready for the party.


We listen to live music.


And hope we don’t get kicked during Showtime.


We try to find private space in the crowd.


We spend so much time on crowded platforms.


We walk briskly to our destinations. Because we are New Yorkers.


And sometimes we find a precious moment of tranquility.


Under the elevated platforms, there are dozens of vibrant communities.


With thriving business districts.


Nearly every cart and storefront is an immigrant family’s dream of owning a business.


More than half a million of us live within a few blocks of the 7 train in Queens.


Under the 7 train, we live in the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. We are racially diverse. And ethnically diverse. And linguistically diverse. And economically diverse. And religiously diverse.


We are the American dream.

All photos are the property of Bruce Armstrong.

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