The Anchor Baby Myth Part 1


If you’ve spent any time at all around the right wing media, you are certainly familiar with the concept of anchor babies.   Anchor babies are deceptively innocent looking little human beings who were conceived, not out of love, and not out of a desire to have a family. Oh no.  These children were brought into the world with the nefarious intention of providing their parents with some sort of status in the United States.

Apparently, according to the narrative, there are women who wake up one morning and decide that they want to live in the USA, and that rather than going through the trouble of complying with existing laws or filing proper paperwork, (or waiting in line, as the Republicans love to say), they opt for 9 months of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor, and 18 years of child rearing.

The subsequent offspring may appear, to the untrained eye, just like normal children.   Maybe almost like the little ones who bring so much joy to your life. But they are not.   And Fox News wants you to understand this.

Do you see how this narrative is designed to make you dehumanize your (mostly brown-skinned) neighbors?  Even the cute, little ones.  It is not like they are full-fledged human beings in their own right.   They were conceived and born for the sole purpose of enabling their parents to mock the laws of our great land.

So when we rip these families apart, or when toddlers languish in jails that we politely call “detention centers,” the whole situation is just a lot more palatable.

But exactly what benefits do these anchor babies bestow upon their parents?   Take a moment to think about it.   Do the parents instantly become citizens?   Do they get green cards?  Ummmm….

Immigration law is complicated.   Really complicated.  So let’s take a look at how giving birth to a child on US soil impacts on the undocumented parents.

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Photo by Bruce Armstrong