The Rise of Authoritarianism


Are you here because you just took the quiz on Parenting Styles?  Are you wondering what parenting style has to do with the  rise of authoritarianism in America?

If you haven’t taken the quiz, it is really short and easy.  Even if you don’t have kids, your answers will reveal a lot about you.  Please go take the quiz here:

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Then come back!


So a group of social scientists have been conducting research that you might find fascinating.  They have been trying to figure out, among other things, that reasons behind the appeal of Donald Trump.  So they wanted to determine the role that authoritarianism plays in political affiliation.  But they needed a way to assess someone’s tendency towards authoritarianism.  Now, you can’t just ask someone, “Do you like authoritarian leaders?”  or “What role does authoritarianism play in your life?’

So they made up the questions in the quiz you just took as a tool to determine the role that authoritarianism plays in your life.

Please take the time to read this important article.