Things to think about on those bad political days

Someday future generations will study this era as history.  The people and events that are causing us so much anxiety on a daily basis,  will diminish in status to historical footnotes. And most likely,  names like Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell will be forever remembered, along with names like George Wallace and Joseph McCarthy. Dangerous,  paranoid, racist and xenophobic zealots who briefly made a mark on our nation.


Sometimes I like to imagine a Forrest Gump 2, in which Forrest’s son wanders through the current political landscape. Forrest Jr. will, of course,  somehow find himself in the Senate on February 7, and witness the events of that day. He could be an aid or a staffer. More likely a maintenance worker or pizza delivery guy, who just wanders through the historic events.


The vice president will arrive and break the tie vote for DeVos. And many hours later, Forrest will witness Senator Warren being told to sit down while reading Coretta Scott King’s letter about Jeff Sessions.  Maybe a few days later, while running random errands,  he will notice that several women are wearing tee shirts proclaiming:


She was warned, She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Just as I explained the Wallace scene in the original film to my daughter when we watched the movie together, parents will tell their children about these events.  And the children will be bewildered by such a strange and foreign time in our history.  They will note the names of those involved.  Footnotes in history.

Trump,  of course,  will be more than a footnote.  So early in his presidency,  we cannot begin to imagine how it is going to end. But it is safe to assume history will not remember him kindly. Will he fall early? Will his business dealings or impulsive tendencies lead him to scandals and impeachment? Will the Republicans who originally opposed him turn on him again? Or will there be years drama before we break free? Attacks on US soil, followed by Marshall Law?  Or will he enjoy two short years of reign,  and then become impotent after the 2018 elections usher in a progressive legislature?
There are so many ways that it could end.


And it will end.


And future generations will look at this era with a combination of disdain and bewilderment.