Trump, imaginary “illegal” voters, and the story of Luke


Maybe you have seen this post going around social media:


It started on the morning of Friday, February 3.

By Friday afternoon, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos released a statement saying that due to a glitch, a number of green card holders were accidentally registered to vote during an 18 day period in January. He went on to say:

For those 18 days, the DMV files were over-inclusive, transferring more records to our system than should have been, including information for some individuals who are ineligible to vote. We took immediate steps to halt the transfer of records from DMV to our office on January 20. The DMV has identified and addressed the underlying error and is now investigating the exact scope of the records sent in error. The DMV will identify all records sent in error and we will remove any ineligible voters from the rolls and ensure that those individuals are not able to cast a ballot. No ineligible voters have been able to cast ballots as a result of these errors.

Later in the day, this article was published.  http://published.

On February 6, Snopes reported this:

So, there was a temporary glitch in Vermont’s automatic voter registration system. It was detected. It was corrected. Any non-citizens who were accidentally registered to vote have been removed from the voting lists, and they will not be held accountable for this error, which had nothing to do with them.

End of story. Nothing else to say.

Unless it happened in another state. In January 2017.

If that happened, it is a really big story.

You see, in January 2017, Donald Trump tasked his minions with PROVING that 3-5 million “illegal aliens” voted against him in the presidential elections, and that he really won the popular vote.

He started tweeting about this in November 2016. And he keeps bringing it up. Donald likes to win. He really likes to win. And losing the popular vote has been weighing heavily on him. As if it indicates that he is some sort of “loser.”

Now Trump’s claims are problematic on a lot of levels. First of all, there is absolutely no evidence that any undocumented folks voted at all in the election.

Paul Ryan has said that he has seen no such evidence.

Lindsay Graham said “I would urge the President to knock this off; this is the greatest democracy on Earth, we’re the leader of the free world, and people are going to start doubting you as a person if you keep making accusations against our electoral system without justification,” Graham said. “This is going to erode his ability to govern this country if he does not stop it.”

Even Bill O’Reilly has challenged the President on this absurd claim.

Trump’s apologists, including Sean Spicer, have cited a Pew study, (either 2008 or 2012) as proof. The author of those studies have subsequently responded and said that the study says no such thing.

But still, there is this task force, which has been instructed to prove the validity of Trump’s delusions. And they have a tough task in front of them. 

They could disappoint their boss.

Or they could fabricate evidence.

We hope that they will do their due diligence, and then go back to the President with the bad news.

But if we find that other states had similar “glitches” during the same time period, then it is quite likely they went for the second option.

So let’s be vigilant.


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