Trump’s Wall Part 2: The Impact



So Trump says he is going to build a Wall. And it will be really hard to cross the border by foot.

What an accomplishment!

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Now let’s think about the impact of this Big, Beautiful Wall.

Because perhaps, just maybe, that is not going to stop everyone who wants to enter the country without proper papers.

There are sewers. Anyone who has watched the movie El Norte knows how those work.  The innovative folks who built a tunnel to get El Chapo out of jail, will certainly start putting together blueprints to build tunnels UNDER the wall.   I imagine entrepreneurs will develop systems in which portable ladders and slides will bring folks over the Wall in remote areas.  They will need the assistance of hackers to disable or fool whatever types of motion sensors our government has put into place.  If you think about it, there are already so many highly educated unemployed or underemployed Mexican professionals who do not currently play a role in the border crossing industry.  Border crossing in the post-Wall era will demand the services of Mexican engineers and architects and IT professionals!  It will be a great stimulus for a completely different sector of the Mexican workforce.


Watch El Norte Today


And then of course, there are vehicles passing through customs with the desperate and the hopeful hidden in trunks of cars, inside shipping crates, inside false compartments, etc. And those who enter with other people’s passports. Boat arrivals would certainly increase at an exponential rate. And the Canadian border would become the entrance point of choice, especially for those arriving from Asia or Europe or Africa or the Middle East.

Of course, about 45% of the 11 million undocumented in the US entered the country legally, with tourist visas or student visas or work visas which have since expired.   Many arrived in major US airports, with all of the proper documentation. And the Wall will not reduce the number of people who do the same in the future.

But the wall would certainly stop SOME people from coming. And it would sure make it harder and more expensive and even more dangerous for others. But this glorious Wall would really only stop a fraction of the flow of undocumented into the country.

If a Wall of this scope had been constructed decades ago, say right about the time that President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants residing in the US, then we wouldn’t have 11 million folks living in the country without papers today.  Maybe we would have 10 million.  Or even 9 million.   But definitely  not 11 million.

If you really want to keep EVERYONE out, I’m thinking a DOME, enclosing the whole country, starting several miles off the coast line.

We would also need to cease all international flights coming into the country. And international shipping ports.   Lots of folks arrive in ships.

And if we did that, the Wall would really become obsolete.

If you think about it, if we cut ourselves off from the entire rest of the world, there would be no more worries about trade deficits. No reason to bash China or Mexico or anyone else. No more concerns about US companies taking their business overseas. No terrorists would get in. No more foreign rapists and murders. All of our rapists and murders would be American rapists and murderers!

We could even construct the Dome in such a way that it would resist missiles and WMD’s. I’m just loving this Dome idea. It would be like locking the front door, the back door, the external crawl space to the basement, and putting (transparent) bricks over the windows and sliding glass doors.  Nobody could get in.

We would be so safe.

Please think about it, Mr. Trump.  A Wall is big.  A Dome is HUGE.  Building and dismantling walls is so Reaganesque.    So 20th century.  We expect more from you.  Our nation, in this new century, under your guidance, could become the Jetsons on steroids.

Build a Dome!


Photo by Bruce Armstrong