Trump’s Wall Part 3 – Making Mexico Pay?





So today for the first time, presidential hopeful Donald Trump released his plans to “make Mexico pay for the Wall.”   At the heart of the plan is an Executive Order, halting all remittances from the US to Mexico, in the event that the Mexican government doesn’t fork over the $8-12 billion that the Donald says the project will cost.

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Oh my. Where to start? First of all, the whole idea that the project would cost a mere $8-$12 billion is absurd. Even if the candidate plans to hire only undocumented immigrants working for less than minimum wage, with no benefits to do the labor. Please take a look at Trump’s Wall Part 1: The Logistics to get a sense of what this sort of project might entail. To put the costs in perspective, the NYC Freedom Tower, which replaced the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, cost $3.9 billion. The Freedom Tower is just under 1800 feet tall. The US Mexico border is just under 2000 miles long.

But let’s talk about remittances. Remittances are the funds that workers in the US send to friends and family who live abroad. Of course, there are undocumented people in the US sending money to relatives in Mexico. There are also lots of US citizens who send money to friends and family in Mexico. And also, there are about one million US citizens who have retired to Mexico. I am not sure how one distinguishes between people sending money to Mexicans in Mexico, and Americans in Mexico sending themselves money. And I suspect the Donald hasn’t quite thought that out either.

Then there is the whole Executive Order thing.  President Obama has been criticized by the republicans of overreaching his executive powers.  But the Donald is certainly making it clear that he is not hoping to be the head of one of the branches of government.  He has all intentions of being a dictator.

President Obama points out that collapsing the Mexican economy might have the undesired result of forcing a large influx of Mexicans north to escape the disaster that we caused.

The folks over at the National Review are falling all over themselves, poking holes in these plans.  And it is indeed a sad day when we look to the National Review for their wisdom.


  1. All this hysteria is especially absurd given the fact that we have net zero immigration from Mexico these days. At least as many people are moving back as are moving here.

    • Indeed. And folks can go over the wall. Under the wall. Cross the borders in trunks of cars. Come through Canada. Arrive with a tourist visa and just stay. The plan is indeed absurd. As is the hysteria.

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