If 100 People Lived On Earth


You will enjoy this beautiful, simple video.

We feel the pain when a loved one hurts, but cannot comprehend the suffering of millions. We understand numbers associated with our lifespans or our family budgets, but cannot grasp numbers like the age of the universe or the national GDP or the grains of sand on a beach.  Our minds simply do not comprehend when something is too big, or too far away.

This video gives us a glimpse of the whole of humanity, as if we were one hundred human beings.  In less than two minutes, it breaks us down by age, religion, languages, access to water, technology, housing, and money and so much more.  As we watch each phase of the video, we quickly find our group.  Sometimes it is small.  Sometimes large.  We look at the other groups, and we see where our friends and family go.  And sometimes we see groups whose lives are so very different from our own, it is hard to comprehend.