ISIS Burns 19 Girls/Women To Death



Nineteen girls/women were burned to death by ISIS militants for refusing to have sex with their captors. They were locked in metal cages and set on fire in front of hundreds of onlookers.

When you hear about the refugees “invading” Europe, or wonder if refugees should be welcomed in your country, please think about what it is they are fleeing. Watch this video to the end, and listen to the interviews of those who survived a recent raid.

This is so far removed from my own life experience, that I cannot even comprehend it.  Can you?  Can you look at your daughters, your nieces, your wife, your mother, and imagine?  Would you risk everything, even your own life, to abandon everything you have ever known to reach safety?   Would you board an overcrowded boat, holding a toddler in your arms, hungry and frightened, because the alternative is too frightening to conceive?

And after holding those images in your mind, can you say “America First!” or take a risk on a presidential candidate who wants to impose a ban on all Muslims, including these survivors?  If you can, you are a soulless human being.